About Us

About Us

At Only Vegan Stuff we aim to be a resource for all things vegan and plant based. For those initially considering a vegan lifestyle through to lifelong vegans (yes there are plenty out there) we aim to give, support, advice, recipes, product reviews, gift ideas and anything that we can do to help promote a healthy vegan lifestyle.

As I write this our site is in its infancy, we aim to grow this resource with regular blogs, new reviews and recipes and updates on anything that may be relevant to promote a healthy and happy vegan lifestyle. We hope you will come with us on this journey and more importantly will contribute to it.

About Kevin and Ivonne

Kevin and Nelo
Kevin and Nelo

We are a couple who adopted a vegan lifestyle together back in 2010, interestingly we started together but primarily for different reasons, with Ivonnes motivation being animal welfare and Kevins being that of better health. Our 13 year old cholcolate labrador Nelo has also been vegan now for 4 years and at 13 is thriving!

I (Kevin) was diagnosed with skin cancer, this after years of low energy and constant illness despite being in the gym 6 days a week. My diet however was full of meat and dairy as well as consuming lots of whey protein and supplements. After my diagnosis, I decided that I wanted to learn more about nutrition and went and studied for a year and got my diploma as a nutrition adviser, yeah!!.

Ivonne followed suit and although self-taught her knowledge depth is probably now greater than mine. Her passion is in the kitchen where she creates wonderful diverse vegan dishes and loves doing it (although hates washing up!), she is lucky enough to travel a lot so she will be posting interesting reviews from different parts of the globe.

Why we are here

Our vision is to help people understand that you don’t need animal products to be healthy in fact quite the opposite and that having vegan food is not restrictive or boring, in fact it can be a delight of flavours and textures. We once thought vegan diets were restrictive even extreme.

thai vegan platter
Ivonnes Vegan Thai Platter

We can’t believe how wrong we were. Being vegan means we do less harm and lead a healthier and happier life.

For us becoming vegan was our way of having the food and products we rely on align with our morals and ethics and at the same being healthier for both ourselves and the planet. Over the years we have tried so many different vegan products for our own use, from vegan food, vegan cosmetics, vegan supplements, vegan clothes, vegan dog food, vegan wine even vegan toothpaste.

However we were regularly talking to friends who were having trouble finding vegan products for their everyday lives, now with this site we are able to share our exeperience and hopefully help anyone who is looking for vegan products and ideas. We hope that the resources here will help you find the products and advice you are looking for. We hope to encourge you to feel the same way we do and help guide and motivate you on your journey, don’t forget if at anytime you need help just shout, that’s why we are here.

Why are you here?

Maybe you were searching Google or a friend told you about us either way you could be here for many reasons but most likely you fall in to one of the following categories. Your already vegan and looking for additional resources, reviews, recipes, gifts etc.

Your thinking about becoming vegan and want help, ideas and motivation, or maybe your just curious to know more about veganism because you are concerned about animal welfare and the effects that mass meat farming has on the planet and the health risks associated with eating factory farmed meat. No matter which of these our goal is to ensure that you are well-informed, equipped and motivated on your journey to living a healthier, greener and kinder life.

Once again we welcome you to our site, we hope you find it useful and if you need help at anytime don’t hesitate to let us know

All the best,

Kevin & Ivonne

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