Our Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

Over the years of nutritional study and living a vegan lifestyle we have arrived at a point where our food philosophy is simple and we think that is the way food should be.

Our goal in the food section is to build a portfolio of simple, healthy nutritious vegan dishes that anyone can create. Most of our dishes will have a Spanish influence, will be simple and economic to produce with interchangeable ingredients and very few fixed rules apart from the fact they must be tasty. Below are the 5 keys values that form our food philosophy.

  • Keep it Simple – We want our dishes to be simple to prepare with simple ingredients. Simple doesn’t mean boring and flavourless. We aim to prove that simple can be full of flavour, colour and nutritious
  • Flexible Recipes – We aim for as many dishes as possible to be flexible. What do we mean by that? well flexible ingredients with flexible quantities. We really encourage the use of seasonal fruit and veggies so if one isn’t available it can be replaced with an alternative.
  • Enjoyable to cook – Food should be enjoyed and this is true not just for eating the finished plate but the preparation as well. Working with simple flexible recipes should be fun and encourage you to practice and experiment
  • Healthy – Of course all our dishes are vegan and we are bound to include the odd indulgent plate but our key value is that our dishes are made from whole food plant sources and are full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • Real world food – We want to show you that it is easy and economical to cook great vegan meals in the real world. That’s the world of work, kids, bills and crazy schedules.
our food philosophy vegan mixed salad

What is a recipe?

To us it’s a mix of ingredients that when combined the right way will both nourish the body and satisfy the senses simultaneously. Virtually all the ingredients we use are everyday items that are easy to find and many are interchangeable so that you can use seasonal produce.

We find it annoying when recipes ask for some obscure ingredient that is often difficult to find, pricey and likely will never be used again. This is why being organised and stocking your kitchen with a range of staple products is one of our top tips (see our article is being vegan cheaper? – a look inside our kitchen).

This means that whatever happens you always have the basic ingredients required to whip up something simple. Once you have become accustomed to cooking fresh dishes you will soon realise just how much nicer it is to be eating meals where almost everything is produced from scratch.

Tools you may need.

Virtually all our recipes can be made with your standard kitchen equipment and appliances. The simple things like pots and pans, knives (sharpe ones are better!), chopping board, sieve and of course all the normal cutlery and crockery. There are some other items that we have in our kitchen that we would recommend that you invest in as and when you can.

These are a food processor, a blender and a juicer. We appreciate that these can be expensive pieces of equipment and you will need to budget accordingly. Our advice would be to start with either a blender or food processor and then move on to the juicer.

The main difference between a blender and a processor is that a food processor breaks down pretty much anything you ask of it, turning solids to liquid. A blender on the other had does need liquid to run but produces a much smoother end product ideal of course for smoothies and soups.

The juicer, well guess what is makes juice! Currently in our kitchen we have a Megamix 3200 food processor an Optimum 9400 blender and we have just treated ourselves to a new Optimum 500 cold press juicer. Despite all of these it is our old Nutribullet personal blender that gets the most use. Its super strong and tiny and great for making quick smoothies for one.

Our food philosophy only vegan stuff chickpeas

Lets Cook

However, if you don’t have these items don’t worry there will be lots you can produce without them. The only thing you really need is the willingness to start and have some fun. Let’s move on then and the final thing that is so important you know is that we are not chefs. We are normal people just like you who have taught ourselves how to cook. At first it was daunting but over the months and years of experimenting we realise how easy it is to produce tasty healthy vegan dishes. Infact it is the simplicity of this way of cooking that surprised us, so much so that we now want to share what we have learnt. So, are you ready?

Let’s have some fun and make some tasty Spanish vegan food. Vamos!

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2 thoughts on “Our Food Philosophy”

  • Ivonne and Kevin, thank you very much for this wonderful site, everybody has a choice in how they keep their bodies clean. I too am a great avocet on health and the importance of eating a healthier way and a great need to return to Mother Nature. We can agree to disagree on how to maintain and or obtain maximum health. but the most important is to start.

    There are many great recipes here even if I am not a Vegan that would dress my table very well and of course, much healthier then where the world is moving in today’s world. I think there is a balance to all things. I am working on anciet oriental cultures in health and as I work I am finding that they orient there eating habits around vegetarian diets. I truly understand why because to detox the body of all the toxic matter that is in our food line there is much less in a vegetarian lifestyle.

    Toxins are the worst enemy and very hard to combat because they are in everything the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, Just a simple thing like washing dishes with the detergents and washing your clothes. The creams that we use. perfumes facial products hand products hair products pharmaceuticals you name it.

    But they do concur that the Mediterranean diet is a very good procedure because it is very well balanced. that is I try my hardest in keeping balance on our family life.

    Thank you very much for your inspiring site I will be more than happy to recommend your work to others.
    always a better way

    • Hi Linda

      Thank you so much for your kind comments and considered response. I completely agree that much of modern society pollutes in so many ways. Although this site is our passion we are also advocates of natural healing and well being and I couldn’t agree more with what you say. Even things like the fluoride in our toothpaste have an adverse effect on our health. Mother nature has all we need to be healthy we just have to learn how to harness all of the goodness and avoid all of the man made toxicity

      Have a wonderful day


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