Vegan Birthday Gift Ideas – 20 Vegan Present Ideas

Vegan Birthday Gift Ideas – 20 Vegan Present Ideas

Buying gifts can be difficult at the best of times but even more so if the person you are buying for is vegan. I know we are regularly asked for tips and advice on what and where to buy great vegan gifts. We plan to start a vegan gift section full of reviews and it will be launched very soon.

However, yesterday was Ivonne’s birthday, I’m not going to say how old she is but I will say she is now closer to 50 than 40! So, it seemed a good time to prepare a great vegan gift list with a range options for everyone. What we have done is selected items that we have either bought ourselves or have been bought and recommended by close friends.

There I something for pretty much any vegan, regardless of age, sex, budget, newly vegan or vegan from birth. In fact, you may find something on the list that you like so much you just fancy treating yourself. So, let’s get started and look at some great vegan gift ideas, whether it’s your birthday or not!

For the vegan fashionista!

Corker vegan wallet present

Corker Slim Cork Wallet With Coin Pocket. I have one of these wallets that Ivonne bought for me and I love it. Corker also produce a stunning range of purses, bags and backpacks as well as wallets all made from natural sustainable FSC certified cork. They are PETA approved vegan and donate 1% of every purchase to a charity that you select.

Labante vegan laptopbag

LaBante London Wisteria Grey Vegan Laptop Bag. LaBante produce a stunning range of 100% recycled vegan designer bags, jewellery and accessories. The Wisteria Vegan Laptop bag is the perfect handbag to take from the boardroom to your evening out. Made sustainably from recycled plastic bottles and a Peta-Approved vegan brand. If the laptop bag isn’t the ideal present you should still check out all of LaBantes’ other amazing quality products.

Petit vour vegan gift box

Petit Vour Beauty Box The beauty box is exactly what it says, a beauty subscription box, that sends monthly products that can be tailored to each person needs. All products are vegan, cruelty-free and of the highest quality. The subscription boxes are a great gift as they work out much cheaper than buying the individual items and it is a gift that continues throughout the year. If you don’t want a subscription version, Petit Vour also offer single boxes as well as an extensive range of designer clothes, accessories and more, all ethically sourced and 100%vegan

Gunas quilted vegan backpack

Gunas Cougar Quilted Backpack GUNAS was the first 100% vegan handbag brand in the US. Their products are of the highest quality with a unique style and design, so much so that they won the Independent Designer Handbag Award for Best Green Handbag in 2015. The Cougar backpack has a classic quilted look and the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles, how cool is that. They of course have an extensive range of bags and now also manufacturer shoes and have a clothing range

Vegan gift boxes and tokens

Vegan gift box greedy lama

The Greedy Lama Subscription Box. The Greedy Lama is an online vegan supermarket, launched in early 2018. The “Lama Box” is their very own subscription box offering range of hand-picked vegan goodies delivery to your door at a really reasonable price. The beauty of the Lama Box is that there is no contract so you are free to cancel at any time. NOW WITH 50% OFF FOR A LIMTED TIME

Vegan gift box the vegan kind

The Vegan Kind Subscription Box. Another subscription box offering that we bought for a friend was The Vegan Kinds Beauty Box. This box has a range of vegan skincare, cosmetic and beauty and items and again you can choose payment methods and frequency. The vegan kind also offer a “lifestyle box” and are in fact the UKs most popular vegan subscription box. For every box sold they also donate 20p to animal charities. They also have a large online supermarket

vegan gift card green bay

Green Bay Gift Card. Based in the UK and not sure about any of our suggestions? Then how about a gift card from Green Bay. Green Bay was London first vegan only supermarket that has both a physical and online presence. It is run by vegans for vegans and has a great range of products. Gift cards range from £10 to £100, are delivered by email and contain instructions on how to use. So if you’re really not sure what to buy then a Green Bay gift card might just fit the bill.

Vegan Renu gift box

Renu Pamper Box. The Renu pamper box for women is from Monu Skin. All of their products are made in the UK are vegan and contain natural ingredients using plants, herbs, minerals and essential oils. Monus’ products have a great reputation and are used in many spas around the world. The Renu pamper box is a facial gift box that comes with cleanser, toner, mask, eye lift and restoring cream. If the Renu box is not exactly what you are looking for then Monu have an extensive range of vegan skincare products for both men and women and for all skin types.

Recipe books for the vegan cook

Bosh vegan recipe book

Bosh Vegan Cook Book. Bosh really is the ideal recipe book for the new vegan looking for easy to cook tasty vegan dishes. The book is full of fun, unpretentious and mega satisfying recipes, in fact there are over 100 of them. So, if you buy this book for someone they really will have no excuse not to invite you over for dinner.

Vegan cook book Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen Eat Like You Give a F**k. As you can see from the title possibly not a gift for those that are easily offended by bad language. The thug kitchen duo has a straight talking no nonsense approach to food. Another book that is full of great recipes and as they say, in their very blunt way, great not just for you but for the planet and the animals to. So, no matter if you are new to your vegan kitchen or a long-time vegan cook, Thug Kitchen really is a great addition to the vegan cook book list

Vegan recipe book minimalist baker

Minimalist Baker Everyday Cooking. I first came across Dana Shultz minimalist baker blog site year ago and immediately fell in love with her simple recipes. Her philosophy was great plant based food requiring a maximum of 10 ingredients and taking less than 30 minutes to prepare. That philosophy has continued with her book which focuses on easy, soothing and hearty meals. Minimalist Baker everyday cooking shows a simple way to cook great vegan food every day.

Deliciously Ella & Friends Vegan recipe book

Deliciously Ella With Friends – Deliciously Ella was the first “vegan” cookbook that I bought for non-vegan family, I was that convinced that they would love it and they did. Well she has followed it up with an equally great cookbook Deliciously Ella with friends. Like her first book the menus are simple so if you are planning a light brunch, a last-minute lunch or a fancy dinner, she has it covered with great recipes that celebrate her natural eating philosophy. No matter if you are newly vegan or an experienced plant based connoisseur Deliciously Ella with friends is another great addition to the vegan cook book list

Simple vegan gifts ideas for a budget

A mug with vegan slogan

TVK Vegan Mugs. Let everyone know how you feel on your coffee break with this great range of TVK vegan mugs. There are a range of slogans to choose from such as “vegan because I‘m not a baby cow” or how about “vegan because we are all earthlings” there are other slogans to choose from as well and all are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Coloured reusable straws

Kalleco Stainless Steel Metal Rainbow Straws x 4 Pack & Cleaner. Gulping down that smoothie can happen in a matter of minutes although it’s not how we would recommend drinking it. At whatever speed you decide to drink it why not do so using these rainbow coloured, stainless steel metal straws. A great way of helping reduce plastic waste whilst looking fabulous! This 4 pack of metal multi coloured straws also comes with a free straw cleaner plus a linen bag so you can take your straws out and about.

kit for making vegan cheese

The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit. The perfect gift for the vegan “cheese” lover. The kit contains everything you need to make 6 different varieties of fresh vegan cheeses including mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, halloumi, feta and parmesan. It comes with step by step instructions, as well as a range of delicious recipes.

coconut bowls and spoons

Natural Coconut Bowls and Spoons – These beautiful handmade coconut bowls are from reclaimed coconut shells and are hand polished with organic virgin coconut oil. Perfect for serving a buddah or acai bowl they make even bland dishes look really great. Perfect for anyone who loves taking photos of their food!

For the vegan kitchen queen or king!

vegan milk maker soyabella

Tribest Soybella Soy and Nut Milk Maker. I don’t know about you but we get through loads of nut and soy milks and the fridge is always full of various cartons. WeIl wouldn’t it be nicer, fresher and cheaper to make them in your own kitchen? With the Soybella all types of milks can be made in as little as 15 minutes and raw milks in as little as 30 seconds. With the Soybella you can also make great pureed soups. A really great piece of kit for the kitchen and having used one recently it’s now on my shopping list.

optimum g2.3 blender

OPTIMUM G2.3 Platinum Series Induction Blender. Ok so we know it’s not cheap but it is the gold standard of blenders. We have our original Optimum 9400 blender which is over 6 years old and gets used multiple times on a daily basis and never misses a beat. The new Optimum G2.3 has the latest friction free motor which means that Optimum offer a lifetime guarantee on the motor. It is quick, easy to clean and blends beautifully. Honestly, it’s probably not worth it for someone who only uses a blender occasionally but if you blend daily then it really is worth the investment.

nutribullet 900w vegan blender

Nutribullet 900w Blender – Don’t yet have a Nutribullet, or know someone who doesn’t, then you really should. I use mine every morning without fail to make a mixed seasonal fruit and veg smoothie. They are super easy to use, versatile easy to clean, in fact if I had to recommend a single item to someone as a kitchen gift it would be the nutribullet. This is the 900w version and even breaks down all seeds and stems. If you haven’t gathered already I love mine and they great thing is they are now better value than ever.

instant pot 7 in 1

Instant Pot 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker. These are amazing, they are basically a multi-use fully programmable electric 7 in 1 cooker. It can be a pressure cooker a slow cooker, a steamer, it can cook rice, sauté and be a yogurt maker and warmer. It speeds up cooking time by as much as 70% and reduces energy usage by the same amount. We use ours all the time for beans and rice and absolutely love it. So, for someone who cooks a lot or is just venturing more in to the kitchen this really is a great piece of kit.

Vegan Birthday Gift Ideas

Wow so it was super easy to produce that list. I hope if you are looking for a birthday gift for a vegan friend or loved one it has at least given you some ideas. Or if you just wanted some general ideas for vegan gifts, either way we hope it’s been useful. Let us know if your bought any of these items as gifts or if not one of these exactly something similar. As always we would love to hear from you.

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